Songs in a Storm EP

by The Shadow Cast

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Recorded (with minimal recording knowledge) in a bedroom and a living room in 2016.


released April 16, 2016

Jake Riley: Guitars, Vocals, Pianos, Synths, Noises



all rights reserved


The Shadow Cast Liverpool, UK

Jake Riley is a musician and a writer. The Shadow Cast is his awkward attempt at being a kind of troubadour or something.

You can witness his earnest bid to become a single-celled amoeba here:

He thanks you kindly for your support and hopes that you enjoy an unbroken succession of good days from this one forward.
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Track Name: Marriage Bed
One more restless night
Before we build the marriage bed
With wood I gathered from my guitar
And my parents' staircase
While they slept so soundly

We'll stitch our pillows from your summer dress
With the little white rabbits
And stuff them plush with things to help you sleep
Like teddy bears
With children's voices

We'll hang up curtains of heavy silk
That let no light in
So you can draw them when you get sick
Of remembering everything
Of remembering anything

And we can sleep until we're old and grey
Track Name: Zero Church
Paper, scissors and rock and roll
If it's the 50s I might just pass as cool
I only dance in the perfect light
Under the stars of the neon northern lights

Have you heard the theory Jenny told me?
She's not pregnant, she's just growing
I don't think she understands me
When I say there's a baby on the horizon
She just squints

I go to bed with a minotaur
And when I'm sleeping I don't know what he'll do
I grab his horns when we go outside
His back is easy to climb right up onto

There's a million ways to keep a secret
You do your way, I'll do mine
And we won't need voices when we're older
And there's nothing left to say

But I'm a little bit unsure
If death is worth what comes before
Somebody said when I was young
There's not a ladder just a rung
And we're just spinning round and round
Head over heels and down, down, down
But I don't know who to believe
The government or my TV
Or all the books I like to read
'Cause they don't tell me the same things
And the only thing I learned at school
Was that I've always been a fool

I play piano and try to cry
I'm having trouble collecting the right notes
Keep singing shit and believing it
Don't have control over half the things I say

And I might be young or I might be old
But I know it won't stay that way forever
Have you heard the theory Jenny told me?
We're not dying, we're just going
She didn't tell me where
Track Name: Lawn
I can't tell the difference
Between the world outside
And the reflections in my TV
Rain beats steady in my ears
Like the wings of insects
Circling the dark
The field mice know this night
Is not full enough
And no wind blows to shake the grass

The pathway to sleep
Passes by death's door
My eyes are wide
The moon is missing
Picture frames closing in
Features getting tighter
There's a pain in my side
Where I tried to lie on the floor
The gutters are overflowing
The windows streaking
Thoughts slip through me
No more than feelings

I can't tell the difference
Between the poems I'm reading
And the half forgotten sound of your voice
The neighbours are out, or staying silent
Maybe they're listening too
The wait for morning is inseperable
From the hope that it never comes
There's a cloud roaming free
Luminous and light
Like a breath of early winter
Escaped from the mouth of the sky

The porch light comes on across the street
The manicured lawn glistens
Like dew on the body of a green painted car
The trails of planes intersect into a cross above the house
And disperse like pencil lines
Dissolving, erased
Where are they going above us all?
Moving through soft, wet air
Where is there to be but here and now?
What else is there to know
But to sleep
And be awake?
Track Name: Run On Blood
Can't hold it down
Can't keep it buried underground
Can't hear myself above the noise
I've memorised the clicks and hums

Can't let it go
Can't make a move that you won't know
Can't be alone without a past
Can't see a ghost with no context

I'll get what I deserve
And you'll get what you've earned

Can't bed it down
Can't let it settle in my gut
Can't let my compass run on blood
There's no more pathways to your heart

Can't be it now
Can't be the person I once was
Can't keep on waiting for the sun
If it's the moon that keeps me up

I'll be here when I sleep
With a lightbulb burning secretly

I might be tired
I might be tired of you
I might be tired of you and me
I might believe
I might believe in you
I might believe in you and me
And in all of us

Can't just forget
But I can't let myself regret
I see more ghosts than I see friends
But they're good company I guess

Can't feel it sometimes
And sometimes I feel nothing else
I see more dark than I see light
But nothing here's so black and white

I won't forget your name
But I've been trying to forget your face

I might be tired
I might be tired of you
I might be tired of you and me
I might believe
I might believe in you
I might believe in you and me
And of all of us
And in all of us
Track Name: Take Off (In a Tin Foil Hat)
When the pressure grows
The pressure cooker explodes
The kitchen walls inflate
And I am red in the face
There's so much fire around
My mouth is dry as a bone
I spit and hawk at the flames
'Til I pass out in the haze

It's a wonder now
That there's a world at all after the things I've seen
And I wonder why
There's an insect swimming in my brain
And it tends to come and go when I'm alone
And want to be

Through the eye of a noose
The revolution runs
Steam in the eyes
Of the train conductors daughters and sons
Wish I could reconcile
The urge to fucking die
With every dream I've had
Since I was a small child

It's a little wonder
That there's a man who'd rather spend his time on the moon
It doesn't take a genius
To build a rocket out of scraps
And take off in a tin foil hat
And never come back

Every stone upturned
And every door unhinged
And every thought unthought
And every word unlearned
I dream of an empty world
Much like an empty house
But all the walls are gone
And there is nothing around

It's a bigger picture
The more you widen the frame the more you take away
It's a big world out there
With stars and black holes
Rock and planets much like ours
But taking twice as long to spin around